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Play as Unzan (the old cloud man) in the fourth ever Touhou VR game as he attempts to both stave the mini-Suika threat, and keep the Palanquin crew from going overboard!  

The Myouren Temple residents found themselves incurring the wrath of the Hakurei shrine maiden following an after-party mishap! Can Ichirin, Nazrin and Murasa survive Suika's assault and make it home safely? 

This game was originally made for a 74-hour game jam and is mostly complete, albeit a bit buggy.

How to Play:

Game is playable by a single person on a keyboard but you are recommended to play with others + 1 VR player!

Move: WASD/Left Stick

Confirm (Menu): Left Mouse/Bottom Face Button

Switch Characters: Space Bar/Left Face Button

Pickup Character (VR): Index Trigger

Team Credits

ASARI - Composer
Brogrammist - 3D Modeler, VR Programming, Sound
hp78 - Programming
JoelO - Programming
Kichi - VR Programming
SFTengu - Translations


Palanquin Panic VR.zip 104 MB

Install instructions

SteamVR and compatible VR headset required.

Download the zip, extract to it's own folder and run the .exe

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